how to get the RIGHT targeted audience in facebook ad targeting


“I keep getting engagement from people who are not on my target area, nor have the same interests, or have anything to do with my business”


“Ads not reaching my target audience. Most of them are from another location, and outside country.”


I love Facebook ads!


I’ve made good money from doing Facebook ads.


The formula is simple: get in front of the RIGHT audience that is willing to pay for your product & services


but when I first started messing around with Facebook ads…


I did a TON of mistakes and my targeting was waaaaay off!


I setup the interest and detailed targeting, but my ads were shown to the WRONG audience that didn’t fit, or have any remote similarity to my chosen audience…. Some even lived in a different country than the ones I targeted!


I felt scammed and cheated wasting my hard earned money on Facebook ads that didn’t even work!


I had two choices,


  • I could either give up on Facebook ads, or…


  • commit to seriously learn how to do it correctly



I chose the latter..


if there are other people who can make Facebook ads work for them and make a lot of money with it, why can’t I?


After I’ve invested in many courses and spent months learning Facebook ads…


I finally learned how to target the RIGHT audience, and generate good return on my ad spend!






The common problem with targeting that most Facebook advertisers face is that their ad is shown to the wrong audience.


to avoid this from happening…


choose ‘people who live in this location’


when doing your targeting…


you want to make sure that you set up your location as ‘people who live in this location’ and then insert your specific city


if you choose ‘everyone in this location’ in the location targeting, Facebook will show your ads to EVERYONE who happens to be in that location–including expats, or travellers!


Hence, why other neighboring countries are seeing and responding to your ad.


when you choose ‘people who live in this location’, Facebook will only show your ad to residents who live in that specified area


here’s how I select a specific city to target my audience



1. Google trends


Let’s say that I’m selling a branded fishing rod for the fishing market


For simplicity sake, I’m just going to use the keyword “fishing rod” as an example.


You may use a different keyword related to the product or service you are offering.


So, the first thing I would do is…


I would go to google trends and type in my keyword to see where the searches are coming from?


I want to understand where specifically these people are from?


After doing my research, my search shows that a lot of them are from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and New Zealand:




I would then select “Canada” to filter down to a specific region,and Google trends will show that the searches from Canada are coming from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec.



I would repeat this process for each country and keep it all in a list for me to target later in Facebook ads



2. Audience insights


Next, I will use Facebook Audience insight tools to research the specific city that the audience may be from



1. Select the location > country


2. Type in your keyword / page that your audience may like


3. Take a look at what top cities is your audience located in?


Now that you have an idea where your target audience is specifically located at… you can use it for your location targeting:




Remember to choose “people who live in this location”



Why you need to target a specific city instead of the whole country?


Your goal is to go after the low hanging fruit first–people who are likely to grab your offer.


That may mean targeting a specific interest, or location that these audiences are at.






So now that you know how to avoid targeting the WRONG audience… how do you target the RIGHT ones, instead?



I was watching a short video on Facebook…



It was a scene from Game of thrones where Jon Snow was meeting Daenerys for the first time in Dragonstone


Then the next day…


“A video you may like”


I kept seeing more and more game of thrones related videos on my news feed.


Facebook knows that I was watching a video on GOT, so they suggested more pages and videos related to GOT.


Facebook is a platform that knows a lot about you and other users based on what you’ve engaged with–what page you like,


tv shows you watch,


what kind of music you listen to,


the causes you support…


celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers you follow…


and so much more!


facebook also knows what you do even when you LEAVE their site!


Facebook can track your online activity–what you purchase, and what articles you read– from the facebook pixel that is installed in most websites


If you know how to leverage all this data that facebook collects from their users and provides to advertisers on a silver platter…


it can be a powerful tool to scale your campaign!



There are 2 phases to Facebook ad targeting


Phase 1: using your skills to find the RIGHT targeted audience


Phase 2: using “Look alike audience” and letting Facebook find your targeted audience for you



Most advertisers only use the basic settings of detailed targeting when doing their facebook ads




a majority of your sales will come from your “look alike audience”


You need to use your skills in phase 1 to find the targeted audience, but you shouldn’t stop there.


You need to work your way to phase 2 to build your look alike audience and let facebook find more of the right audience for you who will convert into paid customers.


Because in the end of the day, the purpose of you doing Facebook ads is to get more paid customers!




if you neglect Phase 2 of Facebook ad targeting, you’re missing out on the full potential of facebook ads


how to find targeted audience


Key takeaway


Facebook is a really POWERFUL advertising tool to find your targeted audience if you know how to use it.


Majority of my sales came from look alike audience, so you should focus on building your lookalike audience as quick as you can.


Use your skills in phase 1 to target small and specific audience. Go after the low hanging fruit. and then build your lookalike audience in phase 2, and scale from there


Remember to use “people who live in this location” to avoid targeting the wrong audience who may come from neighboring countries


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