how to promote your business online to get more customers





How to get eager buyers to desperately want to buy what you are selling



“How can I promote my business online and get more customers on social media without spamming?”


“I’ve tried Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and even YouTube and no luck with online sales. I sell hair systems for people dealing with hair loss, like cancer patients or people who have a form of alopecia. and I also sell other various types of hair extensions and wigs. My local clients love my products, however the website is bringing in a bunch of Nothing… What can I possibly do in order to increase traffic and revenue? Please help because I truly believe in my products and love helping others feel “whole” again!”


I just started my Business and am finally free from my job which was basically a jail cell. I was treated terrible and the work environment was so bad I was stressed everyday. I have a 5 year old daughter and missed a lot of time with her because of previous jobs. I’m passionate about my field but have no idea where to start on advertising. Can you please please help?”


“me and my sister started a new local business — a beauty salon specifically — and so far in a week we’ve had only one customer. I’m a Self-taught makeup artist and my sister is a nail technician. we’re both so passionate about our jobs and we want everyone to know about us. I’m not in it for the money, I genuinely want people to book us and come to our salon but I dont know what to do. How do we gain customers from our Facebook page and in real life?  we also made and sent out about 500 flyers but no one came to visit our salon.”


*    *   *   *   *


you have a GREAT product!


you’re passionate in your products, services, and business.


and you love serving your customers.


but the biggest struggle you have is getting more* customers



there are A MILLION(!) different ways to promote your business online, or offline


1. offline

  • cold call
  • referrals, & word of mouth
  • flyers
  • newspaper ads
  • door to door
  • business card


2. online

  • cold email
  • SEO
  • blogging
  • commenting on other people’s blogs
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Groupon


… and a million more different marketing tactis!


(but all of these things are just tactics. tactics without a strategy will not work well)






EVERYONE is online and they’re focusing their attention on their phone screen all day scrolling Facebook & other social media…



… and these people are your potential customers!


you need to go where they’re focusing their attention — online & social media, and get them to come to your business and buy your product & services!


but how exactly do you do that?


you’ve tried doing all kinds of promotions — flyers, advertising, facebook ads…


but nothing seems to work!


So how are you supposed to market & reach out to your customers online, and get them to come to your website or local business?


Before we talk about the online marketing tactics, it’s very imporant that you understand the fundamental marketing strategy FIRST


because there are a lot of people who do the online marketing tactics but aren’t getting the results they want because they don’t understand the strategy behind those tactics!


when it comes to promoting your business offline, or online — whether that’s Facebook, or other social media — you can’t expect to put your promotion out there and assume that people will immediately want to buy what you are selling



there is a process to acquiring customers!


and you need to look at your marketing process as a whole from start to finish


so, here’s an overview of what your marketing process should look like:


image source


you need to start with capturing your target market’s attention, and then guide them through your marketing process (aka funnel) until they convert and become paying customers who will eventually keep coming back to your business!


and each phase requires you to communicate to your audience differently




  • you’re reaching out to people who don’t know you, and are unaware of your products & services — It’s like meeting someone on the street — you’re probably not going to immediately sell them your product or they’ll think you’re crazy.


  • you need to build trust & likability by sharing valuable tips & advice


  • invite them back into your website to sign up as a lead and get a special offer, where you will then keep their contact info for you to follow up at a later day





  • you’re speaking to people who are already familiar with your business, but haven’t yet bought any of products or services


  • they’ve been exposed to your business but haven’t become a paying customer yet


  • you need to convert them into a buyer





  • you’re communicating to people who have already bought from you in the past


  • these people are the easiest to convert if you do a good job and deliver great service


  • they already trust you and are willing to buy more product & service that you offer



so let’s start from the very beginning…





STEP 1: Identify WHO* you’re targeting


before you learn how to promote your business online to get more customers…


you first need to identify WHO* specifically are you targeting?


are they men? women?

are they employed? married? kids?

how old are they?


example: if you are a photographer


what kind of photographer? wedding photographer? event photographer? anniversary? photography for parents who are celebrating their first-born?


if you answer “everyone” then, you’re selling to no one!


you need to get specific with WHO* you help


when your target market is specific…


then your marketing communication and the words you choose to speak to your audience will directly speak to their goals & desires, and will make them say…


“Yes! this is perfect for me. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for my whole entire life!”


but if you’re selling to EVERYONE, then your marketing message becomes generic and doesn’t speak directly to anyone


get specific with who* your target market is, and become the go-to expert for that niche.


and then later, you can market aggressively to those people where you get to share your results and testimonials with more of the same audience and say to them, “look what I did with this client, want me to do the same for you? click here”




STEP 2. WHERE* does your target market hangs out?


there are many online forums, groups, and communities for all kinds of hobbies, and niches.


put yourself in your target market’s shoes… if you were them, where would they go?


for example: men who like fishing may go to groups about fishing. men who like golf, would go to golf groups


go to where your target market hangs out.


are they on linkedin?


specific facebook group?




STEP 3. what problems do they have?


Everybody hates salesmen, but everyone loves it when you solve their problems!


every product & service falls under 2 categories:


1. a ‘nice to have’ product & service. 


example: vitamin C, or supplements


‘nice to have’ is when a customer says, “yeah. that’s nice. but it’s not a priority right now. I’ll buy it later.”




2. a ‘must have’ product & service: 


example: pain killers


a ‘must have’ product & service is when a customer has an urgent need or a problem and is desperate for a solution. They say, “YES! I NEED TO HAVE THIS. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!”


instead of being a commodity, you need to position your product & service as a ‘MUST HAVE’


and to be able to successfully do that is by understanding your target audience.


when you can deeply understand your audience, you will be able to create a message that resonates with them. they will feel heard and understood


and when they feel heard and understood, they’ll be more likely to buy from you


a business is just selling a product and/or service that helps people solve their problem



if people are hungry, they go eat at a restaurant

if people have back pain, they go to a chiropractor


you don’t sell what you want to sell. you sell what people want to BUY!


this sounds simple.


but you’d be surprised at how many business owners ignore this!


use the eavesdropping technique to get inside your customer’s heads and understand exactly what they want to buy



How to get eager buyers to desperately want to buy what you are selling



How to promote your business online to get more customers



STEP 4. Promoting your offer


once you know who and where your potential customers hangs out, and you deeply understand their fears, problems, goals & desires…


then you simply go where they are hanging out and provide value — share valuable tips & advice that answers their doubts, concerns, and worries



People don’t go online to search for something to buy… They go online to search for more information! Only after all of their questions, doubts, concerns & worries are answered THEN* they will be open to take out their wallets!



when most people promote their business and products online, they immediately go for the sale


you dont want to sound spammy shoving your product & service down people’s throats when they’re not ready


I get it. you believe in your product. but most people aren’t ready to listen to your pitch yet


you need to warm them up


and its the same with dating. you dont just come up to an unknown stranger and immediately ask them to marry you


you need to court them and take them out on a few dates first before they’re ready to make big commitments


and in business, you do that by providing value — share valuable advice in groups, forums & communities where your target market hangs out


you can use what I call THE 3+1 TECHNIQUE where you share and post 3 (or more) valuable tips & advice, and then later invite people back to your website


for example: if you were a wedding photographer, you may share 10 tips for the best wedding photography


and this in itself is your marketing & promotion to get 1 foot in the door.


you’re doing ‘softsell’ by sharing something valuable to your potential clients


and then lastly, you offer them to come to your website to find out more of what you are offering


Gary Vee talks about this in his book “jab, jab, jab, right hook!” where he explains you need to give, give, give, before you ask.




there’s 2 ways on how to promote your business online to get more customers — free, vs paid



Free method:


go to groups and online communities where your target market hangs out,


focus on 90% delivering value.


share a valuable blog post, or tips & advice that is helpful and useful. be the go-to expert


interact with people. and if they want to know more, invite them back to visit your website



Paid method:


Facebook ads:

when you’re marketing on Facebook, you’re speaking to ‘cold’ audience.


with Facebook paid advertising, you have the ability to target specific audiences, and your ad will only be shown to those specific people




You have to keep in mind that people don’t go to Facebook with the mindset to buy. They go there because they’re bored and want to read about the latest gossip.


So, this is why it’s really important that you understand the 3 marketing phase I previously shared — cold, warm, hot.


You don’t want to immediately sell on Facebook. you need to GIVE* value first, and then invite people back to your website if they want more.


Facebook Advertising starts with WHO* you want to target?


and then, you need to create a message that speaks directly to them, and invite them back to your website and funnel where you’ll get them as a lead and convert them as a buyer later on




Google Adwords:

When you’re advertising on Google, you’re targeting keywords that people are searching for online.


When they type “fishing equipment” you can have your website appear no. 1 on Google. they’re already ‘warm’ and are searching for your product & service.


before you spend money advertising on Facebook, it’s best to advertise on Google first because this is warm traffic that is currently searching for your product & service.


if you can’t even get people to buy your product & service from Google Adwords traffic, then don’t even think about launching Facebook Ads because as I shared previously that Facebook traffic is ‘cold’ traffic and it will be more difficult to convert than Google Adwords traffic






STEP 5. Funnel. Not a website


so, what’s a funnel?


A Funnel is a step-by-step web process that guides web visitors (cold audience) to become a warm lead, and then into a hot buyer


clickfunnels explains it better in this video:




once people land on your website, you need to CAPTURE* them as a lead!


your website needs to work for you in getting leads!


if your expensive website is not bringing in leads and customers, then you need to fire your web developer!


instead of having a beautiful fancy website, you need a FUNNEL that turns website visitors into leads, and customers



(Noah Kagan’s opt in page)





the goal of promoting a business online is to get a lead that you can followup over and over again and get them to become repeat buyers


the internet is so noisy and has so many distractions that by the time a visitor lands on your website, they’ll be distracted by so many other things and will leave your website and forget about you instantly!


so, your website needs to capture visitors immediately as soon as they land on your website, so that they become a lead that you can followup and close the sale later on!


BONUS: retargeting

with Facebook Ads & Google Ads, you have the ability to retarget web visitors who visited your landing page, but did not signup as a lead

they’ll see your ad everywhere they go — youtube, facebook news feed, apps, and other blogs & websites that they visit to remind them again to come back and sign up (or even BUY)!



STEP 6: convert them as a buyer


After people signup, you can give a special offer on the ‘thank you’ page if they take immediate action. Something that says, “hey, if you buy right now, I’ll give you a free bonus”


an example of a ‘one time offer’ on the ‘thank you’ page:


image source



not everyone will buy immediately after they sign up. but that’s okay. It might not be the right time for them. that’s why it’s a good thing you have them as a lead — so that you can follow up again in the future when they’re ready to buy


After you have them as a lead, talk to them 1on1. ask them, “hey, how can I help? what’s the biggest challenge you have about XYZ?”


remember, people hate salesman… but they love it when you can solve their problem.


so, genuinely ask what they need help with. Uncover their deepest goals & desires, pains & fears, and understand what is it that they really want?


additional reading: how to sell a product 


watch this video below how Ramit teaches a group of freelancers on how to sell more your products & services





stay in touch with your leads, and keep delivering more value to build trust.


You can launch a ‘sales warm up’ sequence to warm up your new leads for the sale.


image source



a typical sales warm up sequence is usually 5 days, and looks like this


Day 1: deliver value

Day 2: share more valuable tips & advice

Day 3: softsell & transition into selling. share testimonials

Day 4 & 5: hardsell & add urgency to get people to buy immediately!



you can automate this process with email marketing, or a chatbot messenger marketing such as Manychat. Every new leads that signs up will get their own individual sales sequence


the higher priced your product & service, then the more warm up and the longer your sales sequence you need to do before your customers are ready to take out their wallet and buy






STEP 7: lifetime clients


It’s much easier to sell to existing customers, than to new ones.


A majority of your sales & profit will come from customers & clients who already like, & trust you!


so, once a new customer buys from you, you need to treat them as a VIP client and offer more product & services that will make them come back and become repeat buyers


Apply the value ladder in your business where your goal is to guide your clients up the ladder and increase your profits!


image source



tactics change, but the fundamental strategy will always work!



whatever marketing tactics you decide to use whether you’re advertising on Facebook, Google, SEO, or offline marketing…


the strategy will always remain the same — promote your business online (or offline) to get a lead that you can followup over and over again and get them to become repeat buyers


Facebook, Google, Youtube, and other social media is just another form of traffic. It’s not the magic bullet that will miraculously give you a lot of sales!


it’s not enough to simply promote your business on those platform and hope and pray that people will come to your website or business to buy


you need to take people on a journey to become a warm lead, and into a hot buyer!


and it’s easy for you to do this with clickfunnels..




Key takeaway

1. get specific with WHO* you’re targeting

2. go where they hang out

3. use the eavesdropping technique to understand their needs & wants

4. use the 3+1 technique to deliver value. Give, give, give, then… ask!

5. send people to your funnel. capture them as a lead

6. get 1 customer, and turn that customer into a lifetime client!



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